Window Corners


These pieces of Stained Glass have been designed to be mounted into the right-angled corners of windows, cabinets, sunshine ceilings, shower doors or on mirrors.  They are suitable in any location that has an angle to fit them into.  Upon ordering detailed instructions for mounting will be provided with your corner.

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Sunflower (13"x7") $49.00

Iris Flower (14.5"x7") $65.00

Daffodils (14"x10") $65.00

Daffodils Three Flowers $95.00

Three Flower Corner (13"x13") $49.00

Small Nouveau Style (7"x7") $22.00
Small Lily Corner (8.5"x8.5") $45.00
Two Tulip Corner (8.5"x14") $45.00
Tall Lily Corner (9"x13") $45.00
Iris Bevel Corner (8"x12") $45.00
Medium Nouveau Style (9"x9") $29.00

Grapes (15"x8") $65.00

Geometric Smaller Style (8"x8") $35.00

Geometric Larger Style (15"x15")



*The above sizes are approximate and the price is per piece.


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