West Coast Sand Pyramids


Your handcrafted pyramid holds a collection of local sand, sea shells, driftwood, seaweed and polished stones, as well as the occasional visiting crab.

Most of my collecting is done on the beaches of Vancouver Island.  Feel free to create your own beach by moving the piece around to expose even more hidden treasures.  Have Fun!                           

The use of clear 'waterglass' lends itself to the look of an undersea view and the soldering finish is offered in black, silver or copper tones.

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Large Waterglass Sand Pyramid (24"long with 8"end) $110.00
Medium Waterglass Sand Pyramid (22"long with 6"end) $85.00
Bevelled Glass Sand Pyramid (6"Tiangles) $45.00
Bevelled Glass Sand Pyramid (4"Triangles) $25.00
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