Healing Center


These special pieces have been designed with color and symbols that hold the high vibrational healing energies specific to their origins. Upon ordering, specific detailed information will be provided with each piece.

  • Through the Eastern tradition the Mandala is essentially a vehicle for concentrating the mind so that it may pass beyond its usual fetters. It symbolizes various levels of awareness within the individual as well as the energy that unifies and heals. Each creation is made after an in-depth interview, and reflects a portion of that souls journey.

  • Chakras are psychic centers in the body that are active at all times, whether we are conscious of them or not. Visualization requires proper images of the Chakras, these abstract forms help the mind change the patterning of brain waves to lead one to deep meditation.

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Chakra Symbols Mounted on Oak Stand $450.00
(Gold Plated +$100.00)
White-Buffalo Calf Woman  (approx. 27" x 16" ) $190.00
Mandala (approx. 22" x 22") $500.00
Circle Mandala (approx. 22" circle ) $500.00

Third Eye Chakra or any Individual Symbol $50.00
Earth Star Chakra $50.00
Heart & Crystal Card Holders $16.00
Incense Container / Burner $35.00


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