Aroma Lamps


These Aroma-Lamps come ready to plug in and apply just the right amount of heat to dispense the healing qualities of your favorite oils into your home or office area.

This uniquely designed lamp is safe to use in all areas and provides the beauty of a Stained Glass Lamp as well as the healing benefits of the oils of your choice. Soothing and relaxing, or exhilarating and refreshing, the mood is yours to create!

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Sunflower $85.00
Great Central Sun $85.00
Nouveau Style $79.00
Flowing Leaf-vine $79.00
Mermaid $79.00
Calla Lily $79.00
Teddy Bear $79.00
Simplistic $65.00
Grass $85.00
Butterfly $75.00


*Complete with dish to hold the essential oils in, electrical cord c/w switch, and bulb to heat the oils!

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