Born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Donna first began studying the art form of working and creating with Stained Glass in 1977.

Her background of working with artistic and creative endeavors from childhood enabled her to successfully develop the discipline required to master the working intricacies of the glass medium.

Having completed an Interior design course in 1976 she found that her love of creating harmony through the balancing of color and design lent itself to unique and inspirational expressions in Glass.

Since that time, she has worked full-time as an artist, supporting and raising her children while doing something she loved.

A relocation of her home and business to Vancouver Island allows the refreshing beauty and serenity of Nature to keep the playful, magical qualities alive and flourishing through her work.

Through the years her interest in exploring various healing modalities has given her more specific areas to combine the healing energy of color along with practical useful items for the body, mind and soul.


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